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SCANIA engines in generating sets in the Navy's lægtvandsfartøj ”Miljø 103”

High service level for diesel engines at Aarhus harbour 

NORDHAVN generating sets shutteling betweek Jutland and Zealand

SCANIA diesel engines in the Navy's lægtvandsfartøj ”Miljø 103”


The Navy in Denmark has taken the new vessel ”Miljø 103” in use which NORDHAVN has delivered the diesel engines for. The vessel is able to collect oil on very shallow water as shallow as under one meter. Therefore, the new vessel can, as the only vessel in the Navy, collect oil on shallow water and fulfil a big need in the oil pollution readiness.  

Special designed propulsion units

The vessel has a maximum speed of more that 20 knot and is thereby the fastest ship in the Navy. In cooperation with Hvide Sande Skibs- og baadebyggeri A/S, NORDHAVN A/S has delivered a special designed propulsion unit meeting all the requirements for the vessel. One of the requirements for the vessel was the importance of minimising the total costs in the long run and as the SCANIA engines are very cost efficient there are huge cost savings to make as the engines have low fuel consumption. 

No noise from the engine room

The two 12 litres SCANIA engines in the engine room is each 404 kW but it is not noise from the engines you hear during sailing even though the maximum speed is around 20 knots. The engines are each equipped with a two step exhaust silencer from HMI making sure there is silence from the engine room. At full speed the two engines use in total 210 litres of fuel per hour and the vessel has the capacity to keep this speed for 14 hours before refuelling.



High level of service for diesel engines at Kalmar in Aarhus

Technicians at NORDHAVN are exposed to a little of everything when servicing customers' diesel engine applications. At Kalmar Industries located on the harbour in Aarhus the place for service is often about thirteen meters above the ground when trere is a need for a change of fuelfilters, engine oil and what else is needed for the regular, periodic services. These services are done by technicians at NORDHAVN Kalmar Industries for each 400 working hours. Additional, it must be done as quickly as possible the technicians have to hurry doing their job in their thirteen meters workplace. 

24 hours working day
It is very important that the straddle carriers at Kalmar are fully operational 24 hours a day and why they are serviced on a very regular basis. As it is important that the service of the strattle carriers can be done as quick as possible a workshop has been build which is special designed to handle the thirteen meters tall vehicles. Using the workshop it is not necessary for the technicians to use the latters on the outside of the vehicles. The  SCANIA engines empowering the straddle carriers at Kalmar are located on top of each vehicle.

Wordking at thirteen meters hight
The Workshop has been build to easen the work for servicing the s straddle carriers and for NORDHAVN's service technicians the work shop is a huge plus it has been made.

Using the workshop they do not have to use the external latter on the straddle carriers for the thirteen meter clime when servicing the Scania engines. They can use the workshops latter and stairways making it possible to walk around and service the machines from above. Only when having to service the engines from below it is nescerry to use a lift.

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NORDHAVN generating set as auxiliary gensey shuttling between Jutland and Zealand:

Full speed between Jutland and Zealand aided by generating sets with SCANIA diesel engines 

The high-speed ferries Mie Mols and Mai Mols carry daily hundreds of passengers across the Great Belt and the two ferries sail from early in the morning to late in the evening between Odden and Ebeltoft. Furthermore, the two ferries take turn sailing on the route between Odden to Aarhus. On board, there are SCANIA engines in the engine room running for as many hours as the ferries are sailing between destinations. The engines are installed as auxiliary generating sets which make sure there is electricity on board Mai Mols and Mie Mols. 

Diesel engines from NORDHAVN delivering electricity on board 

The diesel engines and thereby the auxiliary generating sets are delivered by NORDHAVN. The diesel engines were installed in the ferries in 1996 and have since produced electricity  on board the two ferries. In each ship are three SCANIA auxiliary engines type DS11 each at 277 HP at 1500 rpm. NORDHAVN service technicians are handling the bigger services of the auxiliary engines.